Electromagnetic Pollution Illnesses Canada Foundation (EPIC)
416.622.3742 epic@iexistworld.org


The same sign on a lighter coloured background is also available as a printable pdf.
Contact us by email epic@iexistworld.org or voice call to 416.622.EPIC or 416.622.3742 (in Canada) to receive a printable pdf or printed signs (if available).

posted May 6, 2021


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EPIC respects human health and all environments by preferring cords and cables for Internet, messaging, voice calls, data, education, entertainment, games, images, audio, and video — with all wireless features turned off. Wireless coverage, connections, and signals are artificial radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emissions that can affect plants and animals (including you). EPIC aims for zero RFR footprint and reduced exposures.

• prefer cords to connect with wireless off
• provide cords
• request cords
• respect wires